1. The object of the game is to place the ball inside of the opponent’s net. Each time this is done, a goal is scored.
  2. The game requires two or four players.
  3. The game begins by placing the ball in the middle of the field. Do a coin toss to determine which player gets to strike the ball first.
  4. Each player takes turns striking the ball while it is still in motion.
  5. Each time a goal is scored, the ball is placed at the middle of the field. The player who was scored against begins the next play
  6. If a player strikes the ball and it goes out of bounds (off the board), it is placed next to the spot it went out of bounds and a free shot is taken from that spot by the player who is next to strike the ball. If the ball goes out of bounds at the end zone, left, or right of the goal post, a kick from the corner is then taken.
  7. If a player strikes the ball twice in a row, a penalty shot is taken against that player by the player who is next to strike the ball.
  8. The player that reaches the number of goals set for the game or has the most goals within a set period of time wins the game.
  9. Players are allowed to block the ball if it is going into their goal. The only time a player can strike the ball twice is when the player blocked a shot and their turn to strike the ball was next.

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