Jigsaw Puzzle Strategies: A Guide to Be a Puzzle Expert

Everyone, from children to adults to seniors, should have quality time to destress their bodies and have fun. And in this case, while looking for the best way to spend your leisure, turn to a jigsaw puzzle. It will give you both entertainment and intellect at a time.

However, if you want to be adept at this field and learn this game like a pro, follow the given strategies!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Starting Out

Let’s start!

  • Flip All Pieces Upwards

Well! Making all your pieces face the same way can be daunting. But, it will help you work with the whole puzzle and make the next step faster!

  • Find All the Edge Pieces

Construct your board to have a defined space to work inside. Of course, this trick is only effective for standard jigsaw puzzles with edges. While selecting the added challenge of doing a puzzle with no edge pieces – you’re out of luck in this regard! You may have a better fortune starting on the inside of the jigsaw and doing the border pieces last if the border is all one color or pattern.

  • Sort by Color

You can build recognized sections of the puzzle from here. In most cases, It is easy because you can tell the difference between different areas or shades of the puzzle by what color you see on the pieces. But in more complex puzzles, it is tough to differentiate because of the almost same colors.

The pieces with no dominant color must go in a miscellaneous pile. Turn to this section when you have exhausted your main color-sort piles.

  • Special Cases

As the puzzle will have text on it or color only in one spot, some pieces will appear as really distinguishing parts of the puzzle. Separate them and build on them as you can. Also, do not forget to keep the differently shaped pieces because it will be easy to spot where they go as you start assembling the puzzle. You may not know that some puzzles even have whimsies that comprise unique shapes like people and animals- scattered throughout the regular jigsaw shapes. So, keep the ideas in your mind while solving puzzles and willing to be a pro!

Wrapping Up!

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