BelloGoal Board Game

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BelloGoal is a simple game that greatly increases fine and visual motor skills. It is an exciting board game activity great for families. It focuses on motor skills development and provides enjoyment not forgetting the game itself. It improves the muscles in the hands and fingers and whats more, you get free chiropractic exercise. It  is a unique form of entertainment that allows players to develop their scoring skill as they master timing, hand and eye coordination.

Develop excellent hand and eye coordination, strategy in a 2 or 4-player setup. As usual, the game is family-friendly and can be greatly enjoyed outdoors, indoors, travel, etcetera.

So, what's really amazing about this game?

The board game itself is small enough to carry around a small bag. Nearly 100% of the materials used for constructions is pure wood and plastic pins and small balls. Think of it as a tablet, only this time, you have an actual game in front of you that  does not rely on batteries.

The whole human experience is well-described by the player. In other words, you have to play in order to give an honest opinion. We are taking this form of enjoyment into another level.The stimulation and the fun volume has been descretely increased.

Cognitive Impairment

According to CDC, there is more than 10 million people in America that have trouble remembering, learning new things and judgement.The few that can afford health insurance spends thousands of dollars on medical bills to fix their
condtions. Bellogoal is simple and fun. Believe it or not, it will improve your cognitive skills tremendously.