My Story

My name is Roberto Smith and I am the creator and founder of BelloGoal.I was born and raised in Honduras, Central America. Growing up as a child in Honduras, I played many sports, but the one that I excelled at the most was soccer.

Looking back on my youth, I can recall playing endless hours of street soccer.Being the youngest of five, I was the last one to leave Honduras and come to the United States. I left a year after graduating from high school. Upon my arrival to the U.S., I initially moved to Pennsylvania to live with my older brother and his family.

A year later, we all relocated to Mishawaka, Indiana.While my brother attended a graduate program at the University of Notre Dame, I too chose to further my education and applied at Bethel College. Upon acceptance to Bethel, I was asked if I knew how to play soccer. My response was a resounding "Yes", and this is where my story of soccer begins in the USA. In the four years that I attended Bethel College, I was able to set several school soccer records. One such record was scoring more goals than the whole team had scored in the history of the program at that time.

I also received the most valuable player award for the four years that I played at the College. In 1995, eighteen years later, I was inducted into the Bethel Hall of Fame as the best soccer player in the history of their soccer program.At the time of my graduation, soccer was still not a widely followed sport. I continued to play with the indoor and outdoor teams of the local soccer organizations as well as on a semi-pro team and contemplated ways that I could bring more awareness and enjoyment to the game.

My love of soccer and hobby of wood crafting ultimately brought my vision of BelloGoal (translated Beautiful Goal), "Soccer Excitement on a table top”, to reality. BelloGoal allows soccer enthusiasts of all ages, from 6 to 60+ to compete and experience the excitement of soccer together. At first, it was for the enjoyment of people close to me, but as the years passed, it has evolved to be so much more! Over the past fifteen years, I have developed numerous variations of BelloGoal while bringing to life what “Beautiful Goal” means to me, which is to:Spread the word of God through the beautiful game of soccer.

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I with them.” – Matthew 18:20With this thought in mind, the original two-player game expanded into a four-player game that is to reach four corners of the world!

Hall of Fame - 1995

hall of fame1995